Hotset America Corporation is a quality-oriented outsourcing partner, Hotset creates value for our customers in facility construction, equipment manufacturing and automation processes. Based on our comprehensive engineering and production know-how as well as our expertise in thermodynamics, plastics technology, sensor technology and control technology, we provide a broad spectrum of services - from the construction of custom control panels (ul508a) to the manufacturing of cable assemblies.

Core Competencies

  • Panel Building, Wire Harness Assembly, Cable Assembly
  • Heating Elements, Cartridge Heaters, Tubular Heating Elements
  • Control Panels
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Laser Marking
  • Engraving
  • RTDS
  • Thermocouples


Hotset has over 165 years of combined experience producing control cabinets and cables. We employ time proven manufacturing systems, a quality approach based on preparation not reaction and a pricing model that supplies the customer an exceptional product at a very competitive price. We have produced hundreds of cabinets for varied applications and industries. For the past 50 years Hotset has manufactured high quality heating elements and thermocouples for all industries.